The Flexnet license key is only for Single User or Trial.  Since you have a Floating Network license key, that must be setup on the Network/Server computer only.

Here's our Flexnet Installation guide, 

Server Setup. First verify our vendor daemon "numinno.exe" is installed correctly on your Server. Steps #1-11 on our Flexnet Installation guide are specific to Server setup; please make sure you have followed each of them.

Note: Most companies already use Flexnet for other software, and will simply add our vendor daemon "numinno.exe" with license key,

If there is still a problem with the server running "numinno.exe", please generate a log file so we can determine what is occurring,

 You can also run diagnostics to help uncover any other potential problems,


Client Computer(s) Setup.  Once you have determined the Server is working fine the next step is to establish the communication between the server and all client computer(s) that will be using FAB 3000.  Essentially all you need to do on each client computer is add the environment variable NUMINNO_LICENSE_FILE, and determine the PORT# that will be used for communication between server and client.

The NUMINNO_LICENSE_FILE variable is important and needs to be set properly. It should be set on the client computers in order for our applications to know where the license manager is running. It should include the port number and the server name. For our example: 50000@ipppflex1 .


LM_LICENSE_FILE environment variable can be used any FLEXlm application and in many cases is not recommended. NUMINNO_LICENSE_FILE is specific to our vendor daemon, NUMINNO.exe, and will not be recognized by other FLEXlm applications.  Our applications may still read the LM_LICENSE_FILE variable if it is set, before it reads NUMINNO_LICENSE_FILE. One of these variables must be set for clients of a redundant server triad to function properly.

Update the Environment Variables on a Client computer (Windows):

  1. Go to System Properties
  2. Select the Advanced Tab.
  3. Press button "Environment Variables"
  4. You need to define an environment variable (can be user or system) names: NUMINNO_LICENSE_FILE  and the value is the port@server_name.
  5. Restart Client (allows the new environment variable to be recognized).