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DXF Conversion - Filling Dark/Clear

These entities, have duplicated holes that extend past or touch the outer border.  In order for FAB to determine what should be dark/clear the objects must remain completely inside the outer border.  If holes touch the outer border FAB considers them dark.

Remember these are quite complex DXF files using SOLID hatches just for a rectangle with 8 circles, and our DXF conversion guidelines  state to keep things simple by using Lines and circles to draw those objects for gerber conversion,

Note:  With DXF there are so many random entities that can be used -- sometimes just trying to convert a simple drawing to gerber gets complex - because the original DXF drawing has unnecessarily complex entities.

Fortunately FAB 3000 is an editor, so if you want to force those holes to be clear you can do it in the FAB editor by using composites.  Here's information about composites,

Here's a quick movie showing me use composites to force those holes clear,


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