Lifetime Maintenance Subscription

We are proud to offer our unique Lifetime Maintenance -- simply pay once (optional during order placement) and get all technical support, license replacements, and upgrades free - forever.  There's no annual fee, or future charges for anything.

Lifetime Maintenance - Benefits:

 Secure Login Access to our website. Download Access 24/7.
 Receive every Upgrade, Update, & Bug-Fixes for life!
 Unlimited & Priority Technical support from our staff.
 Generate new license key(s) in the event of a lost license, computer transfer, crash, etc.
 Gain Access to Pre-Released Versions of our software products. Get you hands on the new stuff first.
  Ability to Transfer you Maintenance Subscription to another user.

Customer Testimonials:

Thank you very much for your assistance.  I was able to install the new software update.  Thank you again.  It has been a pleasure to work with you and utilize your lifetime maintenance.

Microsoft - Gerald DeJean

Thank you very much, your video made it very easy to make the necessary changes. Also the new upgrade went off with no problem. Thanks again for the lifetime support and your help was invaluable. Take care.

Sandia National Laboratories - Robert C.

OUTSTANDING! And impressive! 

Kafooken Industries - David

I would like to thank you again for your fast response to all our support tickets!

VTT - Jussi


Frequently Asked Questions:

Why do you offer a Lifetime Support Plan, and not a one year maintenance renewal like everyone else?

We are customers ourselves and use many different software products. Nothing is more frustrating for us than having to constantly pay for new product versions, technical support, or other other various services (like license management when switching computers, etc.). We understand companies need to make money for their time & efforts developing new software products, fixing bugs, technical support, etc.; however we felt there was a better way.

How long is the "Lifetime Support/Maintenance" plan good for?

The Lifetime Support/Maintenance plan is good for as long as we (Numerical Innovations - a division of Caneberra Technologies, Inc.) continue to develop the software product you have purchased. Currently we have already been developing our primary software tools: ACE 3000 and FAB 3000 for over 10 years! We will continue to develop these products making them smarter, faster, and include more capabilities.

Can I transfer the Lifetime Maintenance to another person within my company?

Yes. You may transfer your Lifetime Maintenance to another person within your company and they will continue to receive all updates, license key assistance, and technical support.


Questions? Please contact our sales team for more assistance: