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Postscript PDF Import Options

Select the PDF/Postscript options that will best suit your conversion requirements.  For more information about importing Postscript and PDF files please view our conversion guidelines,

Note:  Raster PDF files (with embedded images) will not be converted.  For more information,

Page Number to Convert:

Determine which page of the Postscript or PDF file will be converted.  ACE can only convert one page at a time, for multiple paged Postscript and PDF files.

Default:  1

Spline/Arc Precision:

The maximum error allowed when computing points on curve.

Default:  0.5 mil (0.0127mm)

Map Layers/Colors:

Determine which layers to create.

Merge All to Single Layer:  Generate a single layer with all islands/holes automatically detected.  Most common for converting Black/White Postscript or PDF files.

Separate Layer per Each Color:  Groups all objects with the same color and creates a separate layer.  Most useful for converting Color Postscript or PDF files.

Default:  Merge All to Single Layer

Convert Paths to:

Select the appearance of Postscript/PDF paths.  

Auto-Detect: The default and ACE will use the Path style as defined in the Postscript/PDF file.  

Rounded Path: If you are converting to Gerber format for PCBs (for example) you will most likely want all paths to be rounded with round endcaps (to simulate Traces in PCB).  

Extended:   Path endcaps will be extended.

Truncated:  Path endcaps will be truncated.

Default:  Auto-Detect

Fill Mode:  

Select how to fill all Postscript/PDF objects.  

Auto-Detect: ACE will attempt to fill exactly as in the PDF/Postscript file.

De-Embed:  ACE will use the "winding rule" to determine what is dark or clear.  Useful when the PDF cannot be properly filled using Auto-Detect.

Fill All:  All objects will be filled Solid.

No Fill:  All objects will be converted to outlines (i.e Lines/Arcs) only. 

Default:  Auto-Detect

Text Output:

Select how to output all Postscript/PDF text objects.  

None: Text will be omitted.

Polygon:  All text objects as Polygons. Any holes will be clear.

Polygon (Adjustable):  All text objects output a polygons plus adjust for any specific character spacing/kerf.

Use Default ACE font:  All text objects will be converted ACE text (keeps text intelligence).

Default:  Polygon

Default ACE Font:

Select the ACE font to use whenever "Use Default ACE font" is selected for Text Output.

Default:  Arial.fnt

Flash Round/Donut Shapes:

Detect and convert round and donut shapes less than 1 inch to flashes (i.e Pads).   This can drastically improve the quality of the circles when converting to other formats - like DXF, Gerber, etc. 

Default:  Unchecked

Flash Rectangle Shapes:

Detect and convert  rectangle shapes less than 1 inch to flashes (i.e Pads).   

Default:  Unchecked

Ghostscript DLL/EXE:

To import Postscript or PDF files requires Ghostscript to be installed. Please select the location of the Ghostscript DLL or EXE file.

No Default. You first need to install on your computer Ghostscript.  For more information about the Ghostscript requirement please view,

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