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Image Import Options

Have VERY Large Images?  ACE is specially suited to import monochrome (1-bit) BITMAP and TIFF files of ANY SIZE.  If you wish to convert a very large GIF, JPEG, PNG file (with billions of pixels) use any graphic tool, to save the PNG and TIFF files a 1-bit Bitmap files.  Then import that large bitmap into ACE.

Pixel Scale:

Image files are typically unit-less, and a pixel can theoretically represent any physical size. It is important that you specify the proper units and scale to accurately represent each pixels physical size. Choose from DPI, Micron, Inch, Millimeter, Centimeter, and more. Logical pixel size defined by Pixel Units * Image Scale

Default:  300 DPI

Image Background Color:

Select the image's transparent color, that will be ignored during importing.  Choose either Black or White. 

Default:  White

Optimize Pixels:

Determines output of pixels as either: None, Flashes, or Polygons.   To optimize the import of potentially millions of pixels, neighboring/adjacent pixels will be merged. 

None:  Pixels are converted boxes in ACE.   

As Flashes: Output as Rectangle Pads (Flashes may result with the smallest and most efficient converted data, but may have millions of different pad sizes causing issues for formats like Gerber, etc.).

As Polygons (may be time consuming):  All adjacent pixels are merged together resulting in complex polygons islands and holes.

Default:  None 

Grayscale Percentage (%):

Grayscale Images (such as images from a microscope or black/white camera) incorporate a 'grey blending' which leads to very few background pixels actually being black or white. This setting allows pixels within a certain 'gray-scale' percentage to be converted or omitted.

Default:  75 

Vertical Scale (%):

Allows for vertical scale compensation of non-uniform images produced (typically produced by a microscope or other device).  Useful to compensate when devices output an obvious image scaling error, that exits in either X or Y direction.

Default:  100  

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