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Block attributes and Drill files?

I’ve just gotten started today. For your reference, I’m drawing with AutoCAD LT 2019. Your program seems quite powerful, but there are two issues that I need help with:

  1. BLOCK ATTRIBUTES: This is by far the more important problem. There are a number of blocks in my drawing which include attributes. In AutoCAD, The block contents (lines, polylines, attributes etc.) display on the layer explicitly assigned to them. However, while all of the other block objects appear properly on the assigned layer. the attributes only do not appear on the intended Gerber file, but are contained in the file “0.gbr”. Do you have a solution for this? All my reference designators and most of my text are affected by this.
  1. DRILL FILES: I’m having trouble generating a proper drill file. The AutoCAD “Drill” layer includes circles drawn to scale which denote intended through holes. I’ve designated this layer as a “DRL” layer in ACE3000. The resulting “.drl” file, however, is either blank or includes filled circles, often at an odd scale. I can work around this for now, but eventually will need a solution for this as well.

All help cheerfully accepted. Thanks.

Block attributes:  Sounds like the "Floating Zero layer" property that is native to AutoCAD blocks - i.e even though something is drawn in  the block on layer 0 - it should appear on the blocks' insert layer.   This is the native behavior of ACE.  You can try disabling the Respect ByBlock/Bylayer option during DXF/DWG import.

Note: If you do not get the desired results, please submit a sample DXF or DWG file to our support team for further assistance,

For Drill layers, please make sure to select the layer options: Fill and Flash.  Here's more details,

Here's our guidelines for converting DXF/DWG files to Gerber,

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