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Are any of your products vulnerable to the Log4J or other new exploits?

There are thousands of new exploits/computer viruses being released weekly, and we make it a priority to constantly update the security protocols/features in our software.

Our most recent software products have been reviewed, and are not vulnerable to the current Log4J exploit (as of December 2021) .   Please make sure you are using the following versions to prevent any potential vulnerabilities:

  • FAB 3000 (Version 8.2+) 
  • ACE Translator 3000 (Version 8.0+)
  • EasyGerb (Version 7.04+)
  • CAM Library (Version 3.2+)
  • DFM Now! (Version 8.2+)

Important:  If you are using older versions of software (see above), we strongly encourage to install/upgrade the latest releases to help prevent any possible vulnerabilities (new exploits/computer viruses, etc.).  This will ensure you're using the most secure software possible for your company, to prevent any potential downtimes or security exploits.  

Lifetime Maintenance (ultimate protection):  We offer "Lifetime Maintenance" on all software products to ensure you'll always be able to access the latest and most secure software possible.  If you're unsure of your maintenance/upgrade status, please contact us and we'll be happy to help,

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