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What's the benefits of using the The Numerical Innovations MATRIX File?

The Numerical Innovations MATRIX File allows people to easily automate and prepare their electronic designs for manufacturing. The matrix file is very customizable and you can make it do just about any Gerber/CAM related task including: DFM Checks, Panelization, Editing, Exporting, and much more. A matrix file is just a text file, with structured arrays.

The Numerical Innovations MATRIX File is compatible with the following products/services:

  • FAB 3000 - Desktop application for Gerber Viewing, Editing, Panelization, DFM, DFA, Compare Nets, Build Centroids, DXF, ODB++, 3D and more. 
  • CAM Library - A C++ Dynamic Library (*.dll, *.so) and command-line executable, used to Build Powerful CAM/EDA Applications in Weeks!
  • -  CloudDFM allows you to AUTOMATE any CAM/Gerber related task Online. The potential usage of CloudDFM is limitless from DFM Checks, Netlist Comparison, Panelization, PCB Quotes, Compare Layout Differences, Editing, and more.
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