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I want to Panelize and merge multiple PCB jobs together using CloudDFM. However when CloudDFM completes the job I received an email leading me to – no gerber file. Why?

Thanks for your question and sending the sample matrix blob.

When viewing your matrix blob, your matrix file does not tell CloudDFM to export gerber files.  Please add the following to the end of your matrix file and resend that matrix blob to CloudDFM.  It will now generate the Gerber files you require and email them to you after completion.  


Here's tutorial movie showing me add the EXPORT_GERBER to your matrix file, zip everything, and upload that matrix blob to CloudDFM for manual processing.

Note:  CloudDFM will automatically email you the results.   In the tutorial above I just downloaded directly from the CloudDFM site and viewed the gerbers.

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