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During DXF to Gerber conversion, my drill file is empty because the drill holes are in a mode where they are painted, our CAM station calls them contours (by drawing the perimeter of the circle and shading it in.)

Yes during DXF Import you need to "check" the layer option "Flash" for the Drill layer.    ACE outputs a drill hit for each "Gerber Flash" that is contained on the layer that you have checked "Drill" (on the export layers option).

Here's a video using ACE how to quickly convert those drawn Gerber circles to flashes, and then output the drill file.

Note:  Truthfully it would take a manufacturer 30 seconds to convert those circles to flashes and output drill data.  Many manufactures will perform this task for you automatically in their CAM (as it takes less time than contacting the customer to report the problem).

Thanks again.

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