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Can we transfer Lifetime support to another company or site? We are essentially the same after our merger.

Lifetime Maintenance is good forever and can easily be transferred to anyone within your company,

Unfortunately Lifetime Maintenance is not transferable to another company entity (or location) and will immediately become void.  All license keys/activation codes generated during original order placement are permanent and will continue to run regardless of the company entity or location.  However if a completely new license key or activation code is requested, and/or additional technical support is required; the new company entity must purchase Lifetime Maintenance.   If you require Lifetime Maintenance for a new company entity or location, please contact our sales team for pricing and delivery.

"The spirit of Lifetime Maintenance is to provide longtime users with the ability to always have the latest software and licensing available, without constantly being reminded to purchase annual maintenance each year, or pay to upgrade for each new release.   With Lifetime if your license is lost or you have a new computer/server; a new license is immediately generated for you -- no questions asked.  Plus you receive priority technical support and more." - Miranda Yip (Sales Manager)


A Real-Life Example: Why Lifetime Maintenance cannot be transferrable to another company entity (or location). 

"Company A" located in Ohio, USA purchased FAB 3000 with Lifetime Maintenance in 2007 and everything was fine.  They were acquired in 2010 by "Company B" located in Florida USA.  A few months later, "Company B" merged with "Company C" to form a new "Company D" that relocated their engineering overseas.  Later we received a request from a company in Singapore (whom we had no record of in our customer database) stating they had Lifetime Maintenance and wanted us to provide the latest FAB 3000 releases, generate all new floating license keys, modify login accounts, plus provide full training and technical support --- so their new engineering staff could get familiar and begin using FAB 3000.   After performing hours of online research just to back-track and follow the company acquisition trail, our entire support team had to perform: many days of training, generate new server license keys, create different website login accounts, send new software updates, and modify our customer database with a history timeline (to keep track of the complete acquisition trail); for an engineering staff whom had no connection with the original team from Ohio, USA back in 2006. A few years later "Company D" was acquired by a Fortune 500 Company and requested the same support for their new engineering team -- resulting in an endless spiral of support.

To continue offering the cost-effective Lifetime Maintenance, it is not transferable to another company entity (or location), and will immediately become void.   We appreciate your understanding.  For more specific details about Lifetime Maintenance, please view the Lifetime Maintenance page and our terms & conditions: 

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