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How do I get my HOSTID? I want to use FLEXnet Licensinsg

The Host ID is just your computer Ethernet Address.  

The easiest way to get your Host ID, is to start your Numerical Innovations product, go to menu: Enter License Key | FLEXnet Key..., and press button "Get Host ID...".  

Sometimes depending on your computer configuration the Host ID may appear blank.  Here are two other suggestions to get your Host ID (i.e. Ethernet Address):

A.  Go to a Command Prompt window, and type:    ipconfig /all
B.  Send us the outupt

(2)  Perhaps you can use this program called "lmtools".  It is made by flexnet to allow users to get their Host ID
A.  Download from the following link:

B. Unzip and run lmtools.exe.

C. View your Host ID (see screen capture sample below):

Note:  You can press the button "Save HOSTID into a File", to output a text file which can be emailed.
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