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Why do you offer a Lifetime Support Plan, and not one year like everyone else?

We are customers ourselves and use many different software products.  Nothing is more frustrating for us than having to constantly pay for new product versions, technical support, or other other various services (like license management when switching computers, etc.).  We understand companies need to make money for their time & efforts developing new software products, fixing bugs, technical support, etc.; however we felt there was a better way.

New versions, Upgrades and bug fixes are inevitable for every software product.  
Our goal is to simplify the upgrade/support process for our users so we offer the one-time "Life Support/Maintenance plan" which allows you to: 
1. Receive every upgrade, update & bug fix for the lifetime of the product.
2. Priority technical support from our staff for the lifetime of the product.
3. License key replacement in the event of a lost license or for any other reason.

"You will never need to spend another dime for the entire lifetime of the product."

For more information, please view our Terms and Conditions:
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